BMW Genius Tips with Emily Fortier: iDrive Weather Forecast

Living in the great state of Michigan we cannot always rely on the predicted weather forecast and often have to check it repeatedly to get an accurate forecast. Did you know that you can quickly and easily set a three day weather forecast on your iDrive screen?

From the main menu, tilt your iDrive control to the right, this will bring up a menu for split screen, make sure the box is checked to turn it on. The split screen menu should go away once checked, and you will be left with new content on the right side of the screen.With this new content on the screen, once again tilt the iDrive control to the right, you will see a small circle at the bottom of the screen highlight and the option for "Split Screen Content" pop up, select this by pressing down on your iDrive control. In this new screen, scroll to "BMW Online Widgets", once this screen fully loads you will see the option for "Digital Clock With Weather", go ahead and choose that.

This will now display the weather for your area and time on the right half of your screen. To turn this off at any time, simply tilt your iDrive control to the right until you see the "Split Screen Content" option pop up at the bottom of the screen, and in this menu uncheck the box next to Split Screen.

If you travel often make sure that your date and time are set to automatically change in the settings menu from the main iDrive screen. This will allow your weather and time to update from city to city without you having to manually change it.

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