In The Market

So you're in the market, but you're not sure which brand you want to park in your garage just yet? Our cars are worth it, so are you, what your other cars do, ours do brilliantly! 

Let me take a few moments to explain how, although all luxury manufacturers are diamonds, why BMW is the best for its color, cut and clarity.

"BMW builds the Ultimate Driving Machine, not Ultimate Living Rooms on Wheels." BMW's are meant to be driven and keep the driver engaged with the driving experience, and not be distracted by a cluttered cabin.

2015 International Engine of the Year Awards-

BMW Group engines took top honors in 4 categories:

1. International Engine of the Year: BMW 1.5-liter, 3 cylinder electric-gasoline hybrid (i8)
2. Best New Engine: BMW 1.5-liter, 3 cylinder electric-gasoline hybrid (i8)
3. International Engine of the Year (1.4 - 1.8 liter): BMW 1.5-liter, 3 cylinder electric-gasoline hybrid (i8)
4. International Engine of the Year (2.5 - 3.0 liter): 3.0 liter M TwinPower Turbo Inline-6 (M3/M4)
  • BMW has earned 66 "International Engine of the Year" awards in the past 17 years (average of 3.88 per year).
  • Mercedes-Benz: 12 total awards.
  • VW/Audi: 14 total awards.
  • Porsche: 4 total awards.
Top Ranked Vehicles-
  • 2 Series- Highest Ranked Small Premium Car
  • 4 Series- Highest Ranked Compact Premium Car
  • 5 Series- Highest Ranked Midsize Premium Car
  • 7 Series (F01)- 2nd in the Large Premium Car segment

The DNA of a BMW-

  • We can maintain a corporate culture that is true to our core values
  • We understand that being true to who we are is a cornerstone of our profitability
  • We shape our own future
  • We don't share platforms, designs with other brands
  • We are authentic (BMW isn't a wannabe... we're an "Is")

  • BMW Roundel
  • Dual kidney grille
  • Reverse "Hofmeister Kink" in the C-pillar
  • Quad headlights with twin halos (Corona rings)
  • Short front and rear overhangs with a long wheelbase

Near 50:50 weight balance.
Roughly half of all BMW models are within 1% of perfect 50:50 balance. This is achieved through extensive use of aluminum, the engine being placed behind the front axles, battery placed in the trunk, and some models using carbon fiber and plastic in their builds. 

So why is this important to you?

Have you ever filled a shopping cart with heavy items in the front only, or had someone jump on the front of your empty shopping cart? Ever try and stop the cart quickly with either of those scenarios? The cart either wants to tip or not stop very easily. 

Have you ever ridden a bicycle with someone sitting on the handle bars? Have you tried to stop quickly with them on the front, or noticed how difficult it was to navigate the bike around?

BMW is places all of its heaviest components as close to the center of the vehicle to achieve this very difficult accomplishment. 50:50 weight distribution, paired with Dynamic Stability Control, means your car remains easy to control even in the most extreme situations.

Low Center of Gravity.
This contributes to BMW's legendary performance.
The engine is positioned low within the engine bay, and battery is placed low in the trunk.

Rear Wheel Drive.
RWD is more expensive to build than front wheel drive, most manufacturers admit to RWD being the best and most reliable option but since it is cheaper to build FWD cars they stick with that.

Authentic sports cars and race cars utilize a RWD set-up.
  • Front tires steer
  • Rear tires propel
  • Contributes to 50:50 weight balance
Front wheel drive creates a nose heavy design, leads to understeer when cornering, and wheel-spin under hard acceleration.

Safety and Security.

  • Dynamic Brake Control (DBC) reinforces the driver's brake pedal effort in emergency braking situations. Based on the speed and force of the brake application, the system recognizes when a driver is attempting to make a "panic" stop. In such instances , DBC automatically increases the level of assistance (or boost) at the brake pedal. By forcing the ABS to function optimally, this helps ensure the most effective braking is achieved.
  • Cornering Lights add an angles beam at each front corner to assist in low speed turning situations (such as turning onto a dark street). Activated by a larger steering angle, or by turn signals, this feature only works at low speeds. Once the corner has been rounded, a dimmer gently extinguishes the light beam.
  • Automatic High Beams, this feature improves forward vision at night by making it more likely the high beams will be used when it is safe to do so. After all, many drivers are unwilling to use the high beams out of concern for blinding others. A sensor behind the rear-view mirror monitors light from oncoming or surrounding traffic, and automatically switches between low and high beams at the most appropriate times. 
  • Adaptive Brake-lights, under heavy braking (or when ABS is engaged), additional lighting areas will illuminate and/or brighter illumination of the existing brake lights takes place. 
  • Hill Decent Control, descending a hill in icy or slick conditions can be an arduous and unnerving experience. Building up too much speed, or accidentally applying too much brake pressure can cause a vehicle to lost traction quickly. With the quick push of a dash- mounted button, this feature intervenes at low speeds to help the driver maintain a safe downhill speed when driving on dirt, snow, ice, or loose gravel.
  • Run Flat Tires are standard on all but a few select BMW models. In the event of a complete loss of tire pressure, a vehicle with an average load is capable of traveling safely for approximately 50 miles at speeds up to 50mph. Reinforced sidewall construction enables a run-flat tire to hold its shape in the event of air pressure loss.

These are just a few reasons why BMW should be the obvious choice when contemplating your next car purchase. Each individual car comes with numerous additional features, depending on what is important to you and your lifestyle, that can make your car shopping easier. 

These are some of the major reasons BMW is my brand of choice, come in and find out which ones personally create your reason for selecting a BMW.
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