BMW Shines at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas 2014.

BMW is considered to be one of the best automakers in the world. One of the many reasons for the success of BMW is its commitment to innovation, grouped under the BMW ConnectedDrive banner, which improves the vehicle ownership experience. Thanks to this commitment and new innovative products, BMW Group stood out at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014 in Las Vegas. New features will improve safety, integrate smartphone technology and enhance the driving experience overall. 

Highly automated driving at the limit.
These systems are designed to improve safety while helping you avoid accidents. These systems will actively intervene in the direction-changing decision-making process and ensure the electronically controlled steering works in perfect harmony with the brakes and accelerator. 

Special connection: BMW i3 and the Samsung Galaxy Gear.
Thanks to the rapid spread of smartphone technology, internet, apps and digital services have become a part of our daily lives. BMW believes it is time for these technological improvements to enhance the driving experience as well. At CES 2014, BMW became the world’s first auto-maker to present vehicle functions on an electronic wristwatch as part of a research application. The Samsung Galaxy Gear with BMW i Remote App function offers information on the battery charge and available range of the first all-electric premium model BMW i3 compact car. The research application also shows whether the windows, doors and sunroof are closed and gives users the option of sending a navigation destination to the vehicle and adjusting the interior temperature in preparation for a journey! This sounds like Sci-fi, but it is coming to a BMW dealership new you.

Camera-based assistance systems bring enhanced safety into new vehicle classes.
BMW is making cameras using more modern camera systems that are more cost effective to expand their use in all vehicle classes. These new cameras dispense with additional and costly radar technology, but offer similar functions like a collision warning system and traffic jam assistant.  The modern camera-based systems are not only more economical, they are better at recognizing stationary obstacles, and they do not require specific light conditions. These systems are available on the innovative BMW i3. 

New Parking Assistant with longitudinal and lateral guidance.
The new Parking Assistant with longitudinal and lateral guidance offers customers significantly greater comfort and safety. This assistance system now switches between the forward and reverse gears of the automatic gearbox and allows the car to pull away and brake automatically. These functions work via an interface to the gearbox and the electronically controlled accelerator and brake pedal. All the driver has to do is hold down the button activating the new assistance system and monitor the automatic parking procedure. Finally, now more stressful parallel parking in a crowded city! 

This innovative technology is very exciting. Michigan BMW dealerships welcome all the improvements in safety and overall driving!

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