BMW Genius Tips with Emily Fortier: iDrive Weather Forecast

Living in the great state of Michigan we cannot always rely on the predicted weather forecast and often have to check it repeatedly to get an accurate forecast. Did you know that you can quickly and easily set a three day weather forecast on your iDrive screen?

From the main menu, tilt your iDrive control to the right, this will bring up a menu for split screen, make sure the box is checked to turn it on. The split screen menu should go away once checked, and you will be left with new content on the right side of the…
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In The Market

So you're in the market, but you're not sure which brand you want to park in your garage just yet? Our cars are worth it, so are you, what your other cars do, ours do brilliantly! Let me take a few moments to explain how, although all luxury manufacturers are diamonds, why BMW is the best for its color, cut and clarity.

"BMW builds the Ultimate Driving Machine, not Ultimate Living Rooms on…
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Why Would You Want Run Flat Tires?

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September Specials and Build Out Cash on Select Models!

Style. Mystique. Stealth. These words describe the ultimate secret agent. Although we aren’t all Tom Cruise, that doesn’t mean you can’t experience an adrenaline rush for yourself. The BMW 3 Series is currently featured in this summer’s biggest action blockbuster, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation. That’s why The Sharpe Collection has got a great deal on the high performance 320i xDrive, part of the legendary 3 Series you’ll see on…

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The Super Stylish Family-friendly 2014 BMW X5 Series

Our families are important to us. We want to keep them safe and comfortable. However, there are times we want to be seen and see ourselves in a different light. We do not want to be just known as the parent with a gaggle of kids. We want to be hip, modern and sophisticated. It is hard to find a vehicle to fit these divergent world views; practical, comfortable and safe on the one hand and on the other hand stylish, dynamic and engaging.  Only the Ultimate Driving Machine could fit these criteria.
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Welcoming the 2014 BMW 535d!

Our Michigan BMW dealership is proud to offer the all-new 2014 BMW 5 Series to our customers from Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas. The 2014 BMW 535d stays true to the lustrous forty year history of the legendary BMW 5 Series which is celebrated by drivers and critics alike for its classic style, exacting craftsmanship and athletic personality.
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BMW Vehicles Achieves New Global Sales Record in January

It is an excellent sign when success is built on success. It means you are doing something right and you are not stagnating.  BMW vehicle sales have been going up for the past three years in a row. It shows BMW vehicles are maintaining their reputation for stellar vehicles consumers just cannot get enough of.
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BMW Group Welcomes Team USA to Munich, Bids Athletes “Good Luck” in Sochi

The 2014 Olympic Winter Games are upon us! The Olympic Games celebrate the human spirit. The athletes push themselves and achieve unbelievable things. It is inspiring and worthy of celebration. BMW is a proud sponsor of Team USA. Before the Olympic Winter Games began in Sochi, BMW invited all of the athletes from Team USA to Munich to wish them Good Luck in their quest for the gold.

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